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Full Size Violins

Century Strad 4/4 – This is an excellent student instrument from Century Strings. This violin is easy to play and harmonious to the ear — attributes not commonly associated with beginner fiddles. Plus, the quality is outstanding at a very friendly price of $399 w/hard shell case.

Century Strad FrontCentury Strad Back

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Fritz Otto Kaiser, 1974, German 4/4. Higher arching more toward an Amati. Easy to play and has a well-balanced sound. In good condition with minor playing wear. $895

Fritz Otto Kaiser FrontFritz Otto Kaiser Back

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Martini Augusto 4/4. A beautiful, hand-varnished instrument with a handsome one-piece back and boxwood fittings. Guarneri pattern. Full and even tone through all registers. Nice antiquing. Minor playing wear. $750

Martini Augusto FrontMartini Augusto BackMartini Augusto Scroll

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Eduard Reichert, 1910, German 4/4. Reichert violins were made in Saxony and deliver some of the best tonal color available in older European workshop fiddles. This example sports a medium top grain, two-piece back and a nicely defined scroll. Minor top repairs. Some playing wear. $1,095.

Eduard Reichert FrontEduard Reichert BackEduard Reichert Scroll

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Amati, 1960s, German 4/4. This violin delivers all the sweetness of an Amati in a truly beautiful package. The one-piece maple back is a treasure, the scroll scrumptious, and the golden varnish luminescent. It just feels right in your hands. This fiddle has a very quick response across all strings and a respectable low end. One nearly indiscernable top repair. $999 ON HOLD

Amati FrontAmati BackAmati Scroll

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Stradivarius, circa 1920, Czech 4/4. This is a nicely made and excellent sounding European violin. Beautiful flame on back, skillful scroll, rosewood fittings. Minor wear. Perfect for the advancing classical player. $995 with used case.

Czech Strad FrontCzech Strad BackCzech Strad Scroll

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E. Martin, 1920s, German 4/4. I’ve never played an E. Martin that didn’t sound superb. This violin is no exception and delivers a smooth, mature tone. Made in Saxony in one of the best German workshops, this Strad-pattern example has an attractive two-piece back and marked curl on ribs and neck plus black chasing on scroll. Minor playing wear. $1,250

E. Martin FrontE. Martin BackE. Martin Scroll

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Eduard Reichert, 1909 German 4/4. This is a fine Reichert example in very good condition with no repairs. It has a powerful voice, easy to hear in the back row, with excellent playability. $1,799.

Eduard Reichert FrontEduard Reichert BackEduard Reichert Scroll

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A.W. White 1872 #55, Boston 4/4. This violin is from the bench of the renowned early American maker Asa Warren White. White was highly influential in the Boston school of violin making and was one of the first American luthiers to see Italian master violins in person. He handled more than a few since his shop was down the street from Symphony Hall in Boston. Like many of his violins, this one has a big, bold voice. Some varnish wear and one minor top repair from far in the past. $3,500  w/case.

Asa White FrontAsa White BackAsa White Scroll

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Coming Soon:

E. Martin 4/4

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Strad, circa 1890, German 4/4

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E. Martin, 1920 4/4

R.W. McCluskie, 2002 American 4/4

R.W. McCluskie, 2013 American 4/4

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JTL Medio Fino, circa 1885, French 4/4

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Terence O’Loughlin, 1921, Boston 4/4

Carlo Alberi, circa 1890, German 4/4

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